Get answers to frequently asked questions

1 What services are you offering?

MATCH helps in the provision of low-income housing. We build low-cost sustainable housing for our beneficiaries.

2 What are the schemes available?

Only 3 schemes are available, and they include construction of 1 bed, 2 bed or 3 bed housing unit.

3 What is the related cost?


Payment Period


2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

6 years

1 bed






2 bed






3 bed







  • Costs exclude transport costs.
  •  A uniform membership application form and construction agreement fees are charged for all members.
  • Site inspections, property valuation and ownership documents are reviewed on an individual case basis.


4 What happens when one fails to pay instalments after Solinfra Africa builds a house for them?

The house that was built is rented out. Tenants will pay directly towards Solinfra Africa. The rentals received will be used to offset the outstanding payments.

5 Can you finish an incomplete structure for us?

Unfortunately, Solinfra Africa only works on new projects

6 Who is Solinfra Africa?

Solinfra Africa is a sustainable housing solution provider with current operations in Botswana and Zimbabwe. The company developed a special financial modelling technique which was renamed MATCH – Massive Affordable Together Community Housing. The platform is anchored on the common belief that household should commingle their resources together to make decent sustainable housing attainable/ achievable or affordable for all.

7 What are the aims and objectives of Solinfra Africa?

·         To provide sustainable and affordable housing for the underserved low- and middle-income earners in Africa.

·         To eliminate housing finance barriers by providing practical solutions through the MATCH application.

·         To serve the un-bankable households through use of alternative housing finance models.

·         To contribute in fulfilling the previous MDG7 and current SDG11 on sustainable housing provision.

·         To eliminate slum dwellings in Africa and the rest of the world through the multiplier effect after sharing model with other regions.


8 What are the areas of operation for Solinfra Africa?

Currently operations are in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Solinfra Africa can assist residents who own at least a piece of undeveloped land. This structure helps Solinfra to safeguard any investments invested upon the immovable piece of land until a client pays their instalments in full in respect of work that would have been completed in the efforts of providing sustainable housing.

9 How does one register to become a member?

One is expected to download a membership application form on the website or complete the form online or at the offices. An applicant is expected to attach the prescribed additional requirements on the form and pay their application fees. Once accepted, a member is asked to come and select the housing structure they want constructed for and complete a construction agreement form. Once done, a member is expected to commence payment of their monthly instalments until the agreed timelines.

10 Does Solinfra Africa have offices in Botswana?

The registered offices currently in Gaborone. Construction of houses can be done across Botswana.

11 What are the benefits of being a registered member of the Solinfra Africa?

One can get to have their house constructed before they complete payment of final instalment. In cases of defaults, Solinfra will not sell a beneficiary’s house, we would only rent it out to recover instalments and return property once full instalments have been fully recovered.

12 How secure are the members contribution to Solinfra Africa?

Contributions are used to fund construction projects. The company maintains an open approach in which a service roaster is maintained and publicly updated. When beneficiaries can notice construction activities at other member’s sites, noticeable change and development will be noted hence guaranteeing perfect administration and delivery of the project.

13 In which month and year was Solinfra founded?

July 2017

14 What happens when I start my first contributions?

When a beneficiary commences payment of contributions, one is expected to start counting down and expect their house construction project to commence. Depending on the scheme selected by the beneficiary, one can wait between 4 months to 12 months to have their house constructed. Construction is done on first come first serve basis. A membership number basis will be used in determining who will have project completed first. Waiting period can exceed 12 months only when there is a huge waiting gap. If this happens, necessary communication will be given.

15 What happens after completion of the house?

A member will continue paying their instalments religiously until full payment of final construction costs as agreed in the construction agreements. If one defaults, the constructed house will be let out to the public and returned to the owner after Solinfra recovers its outstanding costs.


16 Which documents are required for one to register as a beneficiary for the housing finance?

Plot or stand ownership title

Identity Documents

Marriage Certificates (when married)

17 Where and how do members send the above documents?

Together with a signed and completed membership application form, one can submit the documents online on the company website or send through email on