MATCH Online Application



I hereby certify that the information I have given is correct. Should my application be accepted, I agree to be governed by the rules, regulations and conditions stipulated in the Construction Agreement. I authorise the contractor to effect deductions against my salary or bank account through a debit order any other way to fulfil this agreement. I understand that apart from my contributions towards my house, I will be eligible for any loans, donations and government support that Solinfra Africa Proprietary Limited will negotiate collectively on behalf of its beneficiary members.



The beneficiary undertakes to do the following:

  1. To first pay a non-refundable application fee of BWP2 000.00
  2. To pay the non-refundable cost of the construction agreement made between the parties. The cost of the agreement is BWP3 000.00 or the prevailing equivalent
  3. To pay all the monthly subscriptions of at least BWP2 500.00 on time every time until the completion of the total construction cost.
  4. To provide exclusive access of the property to the contractor.
  5. To store safely all the building materials that will be used on site for construction purposes.
  6. To provide all necessary documentation and information to facilitate the organisation in obtaining all the prerequisite planning approvals from relevant authority.
  7. To agree that the property be held as caveat by the responsible office until the contractor is reimbursed the total cost of construction in full.
  8. In case of a breach, the beneficiary agrees to allow the contractor to lease out the constructed house so as to recoup the construction costs in full.


The contractor undertakes to do the following:

  1. To construct a structure as agreed in the construction agreement after receiving at least instalments of 4 months which sum up to BWP10 000.00. The contractor at its discretion may commence construction before payment of the BWP10 000.00.
  2. To facilitate the processing of building plans at relevant regulatory authority.
  3. To construct the housing structure as stipulated in the Construction Agreement.
  4. To manage all the construction activities done on site as well as any other matters related in the development of the property.
  5. To maintain a detailed schedule of progress completed on site and to avail it to the beneficiary when requested to do so as and when necessary.
  6. To provide at least 2 structural designs that can be erected on the beneficiary’s property and present the beneficiary with opportunity to choose the structure they want.
  7. In case of a breach by beneficiary, the contractor shall apply for an eviction or interdict to enable the contractor to lease out constructed space with intention to settle construction costs.