Low cost housing solutions


Solinfra Africa is a sustainable housing solution provider with current operations in Botswana and Zimbabwe. The company developed a special financial modelling technique which was renamed MATCH – Massive Affordable Together Community Housing. The platform is anchored on the common belief that household should commingle their resources together to make decent sustainable housing attainable/achievable or affordable for all.


Provision of sustainable low-cost housing solutions for low income earning households.


  • Low income earning households who at least own a piece of serviced land, stand or plot.
  • Households looking for rental housing.
  • Researchers

How it works?

Households complete an application form. After approval, they can begin making monthly contributions into a pool account while waiting for the Solinfra Africa to construct a housing unit for the client. Defaulting clients are evicted, and house leased with Solinfra collecting rentals until outstanding balance is settled.