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12. How secure are the members contribution to Solinfra Africa Pty Ltd.

By Admin

Contributions are used to fund construction projects. The company maintains an open approach in which a service roaster is maintained and publicly updated. When beneficiaries can notice construction activities at other member’s sites, noticeable change and development will be noted hence safeguarding perfect administration and delivery of the project.

15. What happens when I start my first contributions?

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When a beneficiary commence payment of contributions, one is expected to start counting down and expect their house construction project to commence. Depending on the scheme selected by the beneficiary, one can wait between 4 months to 12 months to have their house constructed. Construction is done on first come first serve basis. A membership…

16. What happens after completion of the house?

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A member will continue paying their installments religiously until full payment of final purchase price as agreed in the construction agreements. If one defaults, the constructed house will be let out to the public and returned back to the owner after Solinfra recovers its outstanding installments.